Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Letting you go

Letting you go

When the only choice you have
Is to walk away from me
I won’t stop you
From taking another step from me

I tried so hard before
To stop you from leaving
But this time you are free
I’m tired of holding on

Love has no limit
But it should go both ways
Love has no boundaries
But they know the end

Go ahead walk away
I’m tired of living a lie anyway
Go ahead leave the door
Cause I don’t want to beg anymore

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Woman in a Veil (1)

The woman in a veil

In the dark alley
Of a distance street
Emerge a shadow of a woman
A woman on a veil

I tried to search for her face
But the veil is too long
And I am standing too far
I tried to walk away but I’m frozen

She walks towards me
Run is the scream of my wit
But my feet are numb
And my mouth is wide open without a sound

The Woman in a Veil (2)


I want to run, I want to scream
I want to run or at least walk away
And look for some place to hide
But I cant I’m stuck

As she walk closer
My heart skip one beat and then two
I close my eyes
And wait for my end

Silent prayer runs of mind
Tears of fear run my cheek
Sense of life drifts my hands
Then I woke up

Note: what do you think happen after I woke up?
Soon on part 3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

B is for - Be'ton

a concrete made out of gravel, sand and cement.

Sample sentence:
>I would not mind paying a little extra for such a good be'ton

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite song Ever

the best part is

she said dont bother coming home, by the time you get here I'll be long gone, there's somebody new and he sure aint no rodeo man...

A is for - A Capella/ a Capella

singing unaccompanied by instrument.

sample sentence:

>Sandy  likes to do a Capella. She is really good at it.