Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Letting you go

Letting you go

When the only choice you have
Is to walk away from me
I won’t stop you
From taking another step from me

I tried so hard before
To stop you from leaving
But this time you are free
I’m tired of holding on

Love has no limit
But it should go both ways
Love has no boundaries
But they know the end

Go ahead walk away
I’m tired of living a lie anyway
Go ahead leave the door
Cause I don’t want to beg anymore


  1. Love has no limit
    But it should go both ways

    Wonderful message... I wish everyone can understand this and use this in their lives.

  2. Its OK that you have been destroying our lives since decades, but its a sin if we speak up.
    Its OK that you cheated, but if others cheat on you, it makes you go crazy.
    Its OK that you Ruin others world, but if someone stops you, he is insane.
    Its OK that you use her, but if she leaves you she is a bitch. - Anonymous (<0>)

  3. @jyoti - yeah I guess its the most catchy thing in this piece hehe


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